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"I Know Something You Don't"

~Oddball Knowledge~

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"Knowledge is born from understanding, but it grows through sharing."
-Some Dude-

In grand reverence of the great minds of humanity... Pythagoras, Tesla, Einstein, etc... this community has been borne of desire to share and experience a vast and veritable wealth of knowledge from all corners of the human (or inhuman) mind. We, the humble moderators, welcome you to spill out your cranium's content onto our message board, so that we may pick at the regurgitated mess for little facts and tidbits to add to our own intellectual soup.

Civilization is built upon the realizations of various abstract thoughts. Some of the greatest civilizations flourished through the sharing of that knowledge. In the wake of the old, great Empires, we feel our duty is clear... do not let the old dreams die.

In layman speak, this is a community buildt on the idea of sharing knowledge and ideas. More specifically, what unusual bits of information one has picked up here or there, regarding some of the less than average aspects of human existance and reflection.

This site is monitored by krigshot_kramer and his alter ego,sequarnihil.